Getting things in order around here

I have added a couple of galleries tonight. Sale Day is the work that was selected for Review Santa Fe. In Passing is up on the walls of the Project Room at 500X in Dallas. All of the work on this site is mine. I made it and own. That feels good saying that after working for a long time and not owning my work. Kenneth Jarecke has been writing about this on his blog here and here.

I again want to give Dalton Rooney a shout-out for designing this WordPress template. Updating and customizing this site is super easy and it can be seen mobile devices, which is oh so important these days. I have needed to update this site for a little while, I finally got it done and it was a breeze.

Printing my work is up next as I prepare for Review Santa Fe. I picked up my paper from Red River Paper today. I will keep you posted.