Emptied the bag and other news

It has been a bit of a whirlwind weekend here in North Texas. I found out Friday night that KEH.com would be buying photo equipment at Fort Worth Camera on Saturday, which I thought would give me the opportunity to lighten my load a bit. A little later on I took this thought a step further and decided to let go of all of my Canon lens and SLR camera bodies, both film and digital. Now is the time for a change. It was not a lot, a few cords, two bodies and three lenses. This was the equipment I used to start my Sidelines project in graduate school and before that every day at the Journal and Courier in Indiana. This was a drastic step, but necessary. It was time to let go of the past. I have not been actively trying to freelance, so this gear was collecting dust in my Domke bag. It was easier to do than I thought. All but my flash and some compact flash cards are gone.

Since graduate school, my notion of what photography is has changed. It does not just mean journalism. Some of those trapping were hanging around and needed to be cut. Doing this was taking another step toward the photographer I want to be. My Leica M6 is my camera of choice. I have also have a Canon G10, an older point and shoot and Flip video camera. A solid kit, that fits into my new Domke bag.

The camera does not matter, as long as I am willing to pick it up and make a picture. The simpler things are the better. Less gets in my way.

In addition to the gear simplification, I consolidated my blogs into this place. No more commenting on the state of photography for me. I will leave that to the those who are better at it than I am. This is where I will share my news and random photographs that do not fit anywhere else.

Speaking of news, I also found out Friday night that I made it into Review Santa Fe. That news came after I decided to simplify things, so I feel like I am on the right track.

Drop me a line if you need a bag, pouch or memory card, I have some extras lying around.