Recent Book Reviews

It has been a long time since I have updated this space. I have cut down on a fair amount of blogging because of my teaching, and book reviewing. I did a post about a blog of mine that notably died last year. I thought I would do a massive book review post.

I consider myself lucky that I am able write photo book reviews for Here are some links to the previously unmentioned reviews. I am just glad that Tony does not seem to mind putting up with me.

Notes from a Quiet Life by Robert Benjamin

From Uncertain to Blue by Keith Carter

Ask The Cat by Satoru Toma

Topographie by Andreas Gehrke

Permanent Error by Pieter Hugo

The Idea of North by Birthe Piontek

Gerard Fieret (1924-2009) by Gerard Fieret

Silent Aftermath of Space by Caleb Cain Marcus

LA Day, LA Night by Michael Light

What Can We Believe Where? by Robert Adams

Made in Belarus by Philippe Herbet

Road Ends in Water by Eliot Dudik

Slow Burn by Renee Jacobs

Oculi by The Oculi Photography Group

100 Flowers by Louis Porter

Stonefactory by Olaf Jarlbro

Tokyo Untitled by Renato D’Agostin

Rugby by Daniel D’Ottavio



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