Back on tumblr

A friend asked the other day if I was on tumblr. I said that I had been, but was not any longer. When I saw this post from Cary Conover today I decided to jump back into the tumblr fray. After a little research I realized that I have an account, so I got this thing in order. It can be found here. Now the question looms, what will end up that and how often?  We will see is the firmest answer I can give at the moment. Family, teaching and some picture making are the priorities at the moment. I just know what when I have a place to put the occasional mobile phone picture, I tend to feel more creative which feeds off of itself.

Review Santa Fe

Setting up for the public viewing

I have been back from Review Santa Fe for a couple of weeks now. I had been planning on writing a long entry on what learned, who I met, what I ate (the food in Santa Fe is the best), who reviewed my work, etc. I had read some other blog posts like this one and this one. I have not posted anything because I am still processing what happened and what was said about my work. One that was clear from the get go was the Center did a great job putting this all together.

The open road

When I got there I realized that many people came from a lot farther away than I did. That is when it hit me that this weekend was more than just another trip to Santa Fe. The level of work I saw was humbling.

Some of the other photographers participating in the review I met:

I had the chance to spend some time with some other people too.

One of the first things I did when I got to Santa Fe was to go by photo-eye. I have been writing some book reviews for them so it was good to say hello and spend a little money. It was there that I bumped into Dewi Lewis and others. I was also able to pick up the next few books I will be reviewing. I am not sure if I could live within 100 miles of photo-eye without going broke.

I managed to also eat a few good meals during the weekend.

Breakfast at Tecolote.

Sheepherders Breakfast and a Pancake at Tecolote

Polsole with Red and Green Chili (Christmas style) at the Plaza Cafe

Allsup’s Beef and Bean Burrito outside of Santa Rosa, New Mexico

What do I take away from Review Santa Fe? The real work starts now. I am confident that the decisions about how I work, and the kind of work I am making is on the right track. Being myself is the key to success. It is up to me to keep in touch with those that reviewed my work and those that I met. Taking a voice recorder and recording the reviews helps, no matter how painful it is to hear my own voice. I always need to double check that my prints are in order before a review. Always. It is good to take packets. I need to process and think about what happened. All of this stuff is hard for a reason. The pictures are what matter. Moving up to a Mamiya 7II sounds good, but I am sticking with what I have for now.

Stephen Crowley had the quote of the weekend for me. As we were walking to dinner he asked me how the reviews went. I said good. “Good is all I ever get out of you. At least you are laughing,” he said.

Getting things in order around here

I have added a couple of galleries tonight. Sale Day is the work that was selected for Review Santa Fe. In Passing is up on the walls of the Project Room at 500X in Dallas. All of the work on this site is mine. I made it and own. That feels good saying that after working for a long time and not owning my work. Kenneth Jarecke has been writing about this on his blog here and here.

I again want to give Dalton Rooney a shout-out for designing this WordPress template. Updating and customizing this site is super easy and it can be seen mobile devices, which is oh so important these days. I have needed to update this site for a little while, I finally got it done and it was a breeze.

Printing my work is up next as I prepare for Review Santa Fe. I picked up my paper from Red River Paper today. I will keep you posted.